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Effects of WWII on Women and African-Americans free essay sample

This paper shows how World War II influenced ladies and African-Americans. This paper shows how World War II significantly influenced the mentalities of ladies and African Americans towards American culture on the loose. Bigotry and sexism was normal and every now and again thought to be ordinary preceding war, yet the military encounters of African Americans and work on the home-front by ladies modified their convictions about the social framework they lived in, driving them to challenge and not acknowledge prejudice and sexism. One significant impact World War II had on American culture was that it demonstrated the persecuted ladies and African-Americans around then that they should no longer endure quietly through the sexism and bigotry that was squeezed against them. The same number of ladies and blacks served in different pieces of the military, they understood that regardless of how diligently they attempted, or how great they were at what they did, they were never given the acknowledgment they merited. We will compose a custom exposition test on Impacts of WWII on Women and African-Americans or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page There was nothing of the sort as equivalent chance. On the off chance that you were a white male, you were given the higher position, better work area, and whatever else that would endeavor to show you as the prevalent. After the war was finished and they eventually understood their maximum capacity, they all the more intensely joined the battle to simply be treated as equivalents in the general public where they lived. World War II changed the lives and mentalities of numerous Americans as it gave a major push on the entryway that opened to a world in which bigotry and sexism did not exist anymore. As Dellie Hahne acknowledged and numerous others could identify with, The war straightforwardly impacted an incredible remainder (120).

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Increasing Unemployment Australia Marketingâ€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Talk About The Increasing Unemployment Australia Marketing? Answer: Presentation The four articles present the expanding pace of joblessness in Australia. Regardless of having satisfactory work power and populace, Australia is experiencing joblessness. The articles talks about the different reasons of Australia confronting joblessness. Reference: Mavromaras, K., Sloane, P. furthermore, Wei, Z., 2015. The scarring impacts of joblessness, low compensation and abilities under-usage in Australia looked at. Applied financial matters, 47(23), pp.2413-2429 Presentation: The article by Mavromaras, Sloane and Wei audits the potential reasons of expanding pace of joblessness in Australia for as far back as years. The article audits that one of the potential issues that are expanding the pace of joblessness in Australia is absence of proper abilities. Insufficient aptitudes are bringing about the low compensation of the laborers that are making it hard for them to proceed with the way of life. Subsequently, one of the scarring impacts of expanding pace of joblessness in Australia incorporates absence of aptitudes. As the businesses can't discover capable and qualified specialists, they are reluctant in selecting the laborers. Research Methods: The creators assembled applicable information from privacy unit record document from the initial 10 years of Household, Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia. The consideration measures for information assortment were 16-64 years for male and 16-59 years for females. Additionally, around 6000 perceptions were considered per wave more than ten years. The rules of low paid work were controlled by considering the 66% of the middle gross time-based compensation as the edge. Point: The essential point of the examination is to accentuate on the scarring impacts of joblessness as far as low compensation and aptitudes. Besides, the consideration standards utilized by the scientist are sexual orientation and instructive pathways that decide the pace of joblessness among the Australian individuals. It has been that absence of satisfactory abilities is bringing about low pay along these lines, prompting joblessness. As the businesses in Australia can't discover laborers that coordinate their necessity as far as aptitudes and experience, the ventures are either not employing the laborers or recruiting them with the low compensation. This is in the long run bringing about expanding pace of joblessness. Degree: This article is helpful to my exploration theme as Mavromaras, Sloane and Wei (2015) recommends that there are different reasons that influence the pace of joblessness in Australia, for example, the shutdown of potential enterprises alongside low compensation. Moreover, the article will likewise help in assessing the potential explanation of absence of able and experienced specialists in Australia. Additionally, the article will likewise help in breaking down the scarring impact of joblessness on the individuals in Australia. Value: The exploration is helpful as this stresses on the effects of low ability and low pay on joblessness. Confinement: However, one of the constraints of the examination is that solitary optional information has been utilized as information assortment technique. Hence, the analysts propose that broad research should be embraced for building up a more profound comprehension of expanding pace of joblessness in Australia. The creators have just gathered information from auxiliary assets in this manner, narrowing the extent of information assortment. The information gathered depends just on the measurements in the course of recent years residency. As the scientists didn't consider any essential source, for example, meeting and review, the exploration neglects to incorporate the perspective and assessments of the jobless individuals. End: It can be presumed that absence of abilities are bringing about low pay for the representatives in Australia because of which joblessness is expanding with spending days. As the workers are not happy with the compensation scale, they will in general leave the openings for work. Reflection: This article won't structure the premise of my examination however it will be helpful beneficial for my exploration work. This is on the grounds that just depending on and considering ebb and flow research will limit the extent of directing broad research in this manner, leaving certain parts of the examination unfamiliar. Reference: Abdelkerim, A.A. what's more, Grace, M., 2012. Difficulties to work in recently developing African people group in Australia: A survey of the writing. Australian Social Work, 65(1), pp.104-119. In the article by Abdelkerim and Grace (2012), the writer features the potential difficulties experienced by African foreigners in Australia. Joblessness is seen for both African outsiders alongside the locals of Australia with African source. Moreover, the exploration additionally investigates the essential reasons that NEAC people group individuals experience such difficulties as far as promoting. Additionally, during the downturn, the NEAC people group individuals face more segregations as far as work disregarding having Australian citizenship. Research Methods: The creators have gathered information from 50 nearby and worldwide examinations. The grid made aided in enumerating the potential difficulties looked by the African people group in the various investigations. The specialist for social event information thought about electronic databases, explicit diaries regarding expanding pace of joblessness in Australia and trustworthy sites. The 50 investigations differed as far as the time of directing the exploration and included subjects, for example, outsiders and work advertise. While dissecting the 50 investigations, the potential difficulties experienced by the NEAC people group included English language capability alongside segregation, absence of standard chances and nearby business information. Point: The point of the examination is to assess the different difficulties looked by the African people group as far as work in Australia, for example, segregation, inconsistent vocation development, and low pay. One of the significant difficulties that bring about expanding pace of work among in Australia for NEAC people group is language capability. Australia is an English language talking nation and the NEAC people group has various sorts of local dialects that go about as a significant burden. Besides, the business associations likewise lean toward utilizing Australians first instead of the NEAC people group regardless of being increasingly qualified. Degree: The article is helpful for my point as the writers shed light on the different approaches and rules created by the legislature alongside considering the degree to which the associations are executing the created arrangements. Notwithstanding, the scientist additionally edifies the different activities embraced by the legislative and non-administrative associations to help the NEAC people group individuals for expanding the pace of business. As they are a piece of the Australian economy, building up their aptitudes will contribute towards the developing economy of the nation. Handiness: The exploration is valuable as this stresses on the difficulties looked by the NEAC people group individuals regarding business. The examination along these lines, features the potential effects because of joblessness. Constraint: The essential restriction of the examination is that the creators have just viewed as 50 nearby and worldwide investigations. Along these lines, the scientists recommend that broad research should be attempted for building up a more profound comprehension of expanding pace of joblessness among the Africans in Australia. The creators have just gathered information from optional assets in this manner, narrowing the extent of information assortment. The information gathered depends just on the 50 nearby and global examinations. As the analysts didn't consider any essential source, for example, talking and overview, the exploration neglects to incorporate the perspective and assessments of the jobless African people group in Australia. End: From the discoveries, it tends to be presumed that the pace of joblessness in the NEAC people group in Australia are expanding and is higher because of language wastefulness, social conviction and segregation. Despite the means embraced by the administration, joblessness inside the NEAC people group has not been relieved effectively. Reflection: Due to the restriction of the exploration, the article won't structure the premise of my examination. Be that as it may, effective thought of noteworthy reasons of joblessness in Australia will be helpful advantageous data for my exploration work. This is on the grounds that just depending on and considering ebb and flow research will limit the extent of leading broad research subsequently, leaving certain parts of the examination unfamiliar. Reference: Carvalho, P., 2015. Youth joblessness in Australia. Arrangement: A Journal of Public Policy and Ideas, 31(4), p.36 Presentation: The article via Carvalho (2015), features the potential purposes behind joblessness among the Australian youth. Every year, thousand of Australian youth matured between 15-24 enter the work showcase however before long discovers that getting a reasonable line of work is troublesome. In addition, supporting the activity is likewise difficult for the Australian youth. The potential purposes behind youth joblessness in Australia incorporates the shutdown of ventures alongside absence of framework, diminished off shoring, downturn and movement. Besides, the examination recommends that adolescent joblessness is practically 13.5% higher than grown-up joblessness. Besides, absence of sufficient aptitudes and experience brings about higher pace of youth joblessness in Australia. Research Methods: The analyst has picked up information from different valuable sites, explicit diaries alongside social occasion information from Australian Bureau of Statistics. The job of optional hotspots for social affair information has permitted the specialists to look into between the pace of youth joblessness previously and the present alongside anticipating the future youth pace of joblessness. Close by the looking into permitted the specialist to analyze the pace of joblessness among youth and grown-up. From the gathered information, the scientists had the option to decide the potential purposes behind hig

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The Disputed Reign of Dowager Empress Tz’u-hsi Essay -- Essays Papers

The Disputed Reign of Dowager Empress Tz’u-hsi Verifiable record isn't constantly an exact portrayal of actuality. A case of this would be the long rule of the Dowager Empress Tz’u-hsi, in which there were many reports expounded on her life. These archives have been taken and utilized in the creation of various books, particularly among Western students of history. It was these early students of history who have set up the broadly acknowledged viewpoint that Tz’u-hsi yearned for power, mishandled it, and held it utilizing any methods fundamental. This comprehension is resounded today by creators, for example, W.G. Sebald, creator of The Rings of Saturn. There are numerous contrasts between the records of the Western viewpoint and that of Sebald’s, however the general thought of Tz’u-Hsi as a scheming and disgraceful Empress is unblemished between the two. All things considered, the examination isn't finished. There happens to be a bounty of chronicled documentation and sentiment that repudiates the Wes tern view on Tz’u-hsi. In the first place, Western records of the significant issues in Tz’u-hsi’s rule will be analyzed; after this will be a glance at how untrustworthy these sources are by demonstrating their irregularities, where the contentions originated from, and the various proof supporting an alternate point of view on the incomparable Empress. It is conceivable the Empress was everything that her adversaries said she was, yet the current proof doesn't bolster picture of an evil Tz’u-hsi. The Western point of view on the Dowager Empress is brutal and W.G. Sebald is maybe the harshest of the entirety of the Western students of history. One of Sebald’s first portrayals of the Empress is that her â€Å"craving for power was insatiable† (Sebald 147). Sebald burns through no time in maneuvering up this case. At the cru... ...istorians like Sebald perceive the vulnerability. Works Cited Tasteless, J. O. P., and E. Backhouse. China Under the Empress Dowager. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1914. Chung, Sue Fawn. â€Å"The Much Maligned Empress Dowager : A Revisionist Study of the Empress Dowager Tz’u-his.† Modern Asian Studies. 13 vol. Cambrige UP, 1979. JSTOR. 1 May 2005 <>. Collis, Maurice. The Motherly and Auspicious. New York: G.P. Putnam’s, 1944. Laidler, Keith. The Last Empress. Chichester: John Wiley, 2003. Seagrave, Sterling. Mythical serpent Lady. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1992. Sebald, W. G. The Rings of Saturn. Trans. Michael Hulse. London: Harvill, 1995. Vare, Daniele. The Last Empress. Nursery City: Doubleday, Doran, 1938. Warner, Marina. The Dragon Empress. New York: Macmillan, 1972.

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The Definition of Dharma, Karma, and Transmigration of Soul - 550 Words

Define Dharma, Karma, and Transmigration of Soul, and Explain How these Concepts Related to the Social Structure in Ancient India (Essay Sample) Content: Studentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s nameProfessorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s nameCourseDateDefine Dharma, Karma, and transmigration of soul, and explain how these concepts related to the social structure in ancient IndiaIntroductionEvery single society has a system that ensures law order and the smooth running of events in it. These systems also exist in the cosmic scale but in three phases i.e. dharma, karma, and samsara. This particular essay shall define Dharma, Karma, and transmigration of soul, and explain how these concepts related to the social structure in ancient India.DharmaDharma is cosmic ethics, it draws a clear line between proper and improper. It is knowledge that is very crucial for free decision making. The term has Sanskrit roots, with part of it "dhri" meaning either of the following words; preserve, sustain, and maintain. According to Krishna, dharma is the law of the material world, hence, maintains its virtues and harmonic functions.KarmaThis is the law behind reincarnation, a nd it is inseparably connected with it, hence, fundamental in understanding reincarnation. Karma literally means, activity, work, or action. According to a Russian theosophist Helena P. Blavatsky, Karma is a basic cosmic law that connects causes with effect in the physical, mental, and soul. It is an invisible law which righteously, wisely, and providently connects all effects with their corresponding causes as well as originators.Transmigration/ reincarnationReincarnation comes from two Latin words i.e. "re" which means again and "incarnate" which means make flesh. It can be defined as a continuous process of transmigration of the soul and its material body from one material body to another and this depends to its individual Karma. It can therefore g...

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Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding And...

Looking back through the history of humankind, there is an eminent pattern of primitive and truculent behaviour. William Golding and Joseph Conrad recognised this basic nature of humanity and portrayed it in their novels, Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness. The environmental and circumstantial influence on one’s human nature is thought to have the greatest impact, as the isolation from civilisation manumits the evil inside. Human nature, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is â€Å"the general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioural traits of humankind, regarded as shared by all humans.† These novels exemplify the concept of this behaviour to show how the savage nature of a person is brought to light by the influence of†¦show more content†¦For the boys, the loss of clothing is seen as an adaptation to their environment, however, the placing of this transition at the beginning of the hunting, suggests the beginning of the savagery. Through this, we are reminded of humanity’s capacity for evil and how man-made moral systems are superficial. Piggy, is represented as the voice of reason, when he cleans his glasses it means that his line of logic and nature blur. His loss of sight, after having his glasses stolen represents the fall of reason. The change in Piggy’s attitude, due to the loss of sight, represents the shift of power from the reign of reason to the reign of savagery. It is the boys’ descent from civilisation into savagery that highlights that it is the eyes of civilization that keeps humanity’s darkness in check, but when we are surrounded by the silent whisper of the wilderness, we lose ourselves to the darkness. Joseph Conrad, in Heart of Darkness, explores the concept that all behaviour and choices and the need and desire of the individual lie at the very core of their human nature. Civilisation is a construct that is designed to serve as a means of control of this core. Marlow, whose thoughts and attitudes shape the readers perception of the story, has a revelationShow MoreRelatedComparing The Novel Lord Of The Flies And Heart Of Darkness2292 Words   |  10 PagesTopic: Comparing behavior of two main characters from two different books Introduction There are both similarities and differences between the protagonists of the Novels Lord of the Flies† (Golding) and â€Å"Heart of Darkness† (Conrad). In each case we have the supposedly civilized individual(s) degenerating into savagery. As well, other characters are involved and highly influenced by the protagonist(s). This report discusses these two books and what can be observed from comparing works of essentiallyRead MoreA Comparison of Lord of the Flies by William Golding to Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad1602 Words   |  7 PagesComparison of Lord of the Flies by William Golding to Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Works Cited Missing I compared the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding to Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The novelsRead MoreComparing The Novels Lord Of The Flies And Heart Of Darkness4107 Words   |  17 PagesThere are both similarities and differences between the protagonists of the Novels Lord of the Flies† (Golding) and â€Å"Heart of Darkness† (Conrad). In each case we have the supposedly civilized individual(s) degenerating into savagery. As well, other characters are involved and highly influenced by the protagonist(s). This report discusses these two books and what can be observed from comparing works of essentially different world perspectives – one was published in 1902 and the other in 1954Read MoreCritical Analysis Of Heart Of Darkness1107 Words   |  5 PagesSteven Serrano Ms.Leblanc AP Lit 2 25 September 2017   Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   Heart of Darkness Inner evil   Ã‚  Ã‚   Heart of Darkness, a novel written by Joseph Conrad, tells the story of a character named Marlow, who is recalling his journey to Africa down the Congo River to a group of seamen on a boat. Joseph Conrad’s characters are constructed around the ideas that were present in society when the novel was written. Kurtz and Marlow are created to be naive and to allow action to be the truest medium to characterizeRead MoreHuman Nature And The Desire For Superiority1565 Words   |  7 PagesHolly Donohoe Period B2 Human Nature and the Desire for Superiority It’s no doubt that superiority and power has played a huge role in the past present and will in the future. Throughout American Literature, it is a dominant trait in many protagonists and especially antagonists. The desirable trait has caused many conflicts and hardship and in turn, has led to the demise of a civilizations in the past. In the film Apocalypse Now, the novella the Heart of Darkness, and the poem The Hollow Men, itRead MoreModern English Literature3556 Words   |  15 Pagessocial injustice in Victorian society and exalted nature, beauty, and love. His style was noted for its charm, delicacy, and descriptive detail. * H.G. WELLS He wrote science fiction like the time machine. He also wrote social and political satires criticizing the middle class life of England. A good example is Tono-Bunhichaywhich attacks commercial advertsing. * JOSEPH CONRAD He wrote remarkable novels as the Nigger of the Narcissus and Lord Jim where he depicts characters beset by obsessions

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Shakespeare and Plagiarism Essay - 634 Words

Shakespeare and Plagiarism William Shakespeare is one of the world’s greatest playwrights; however, some say that he does not fully deserve the credit for his work because he plagiarized the work of others. Shakespeare, who was born in Stratford upon Avon in 1564, is also known as the â€Å"Bard† and has written countless plays and poems which have given rise to several novels and movie plots (Chandy). It is said that he found most of his inspiration from nature, as he mentions birds in his works more than any other author (Mabillard). There is not enough evidence to prove that Shakespeare did not plagiarize, nor is there enough to prove that he did. However, from what is known, he did nothing that could get him the knowledge needed to be†¦show more content†¦Some people still like to argue the fact that Shakespeare was not wealthy had a lack of education and would have had a difficult time writing such elaborate works without help (wheeler). There are severa l people who are believed to be the â€Å"real William Shakespeare† including Sir Francis Bacon, the Earl of Oxford, the Earl of Essex, Christopher Marlowe and Queen Elizabeth I herself (Mabillard). This is mainly due to the fact that during the time of Shakespeare these were highly educated and popular people. Also, there are some theories which state that Shakespeare is really just an out-of-town actor who took the credit for countless works done by other authors and playwrights (did Shakespeare actually write all his plays), and there is a record of him acting in front of Queen Elizabeth in 1594 (Chandy). The main reason that these people believed to be the â€Å"real† Shakespeare, is Shakespeare lacks the background, education, and breeding in order to write such great plays and poems. William Shakespeare could possibly just be a political cover-up for a politician or a nobleman. â€Å"A nobleman could have written the plays but the plays were meant to be read as political commentary, with each character corresponding on a one-to-one basis with real political figures†Show MoreRelatedPreventing Plagiarism When Writing A Research Paper980 Words   |  4 PagesPREVENTING PLAGIARISM WHEN WRITING In a research paper, you have to come up with your own original ideas while at the same time making reference to work that s already been done by others. But how can you tell where their ideas end and your own begin? What s the proper way to integrate sources in your paper? If you change some of what an author said, do you still have to cite that author? Confusion about the answers to these questions often leads to plagiarism. If you have similar questions orRead MoreGive Credit or Be Punished at the University Essay620 Words   |  3 Pagesuniversities expelling students for plagiarism or heard it on the news media about individuals in court over stolen ideas or intellectual property; sister to plagiarism. The rules of plagiarism have changed over the years and have made it difficult for students to write an essay without treading on plagiarism’s rules. How can a student write an essay in his own words without worrying about being accused of plagiarism? I will discuss the â€Å"what†, â€Å"why†, â€Å"when† about plagiarism. Just as there are rules forRead MorePlagiarism In Literature795 Words   |  4 Pagesof and written down. Plagiarism is seen in writing because it is inevitable. This is due to the fact that most ideas already exist, however, intentional plagiarism should not be excused for any rea son. When an author’s work is consciously copied by another author, this is where the line is drawn. Some might say that if the plagiarist improves the original text, then he/she should get credit for the work. Others see it as a form of editing. But Fadiman realizes that plagiarism is corrupting literatureRead MorePlagiarism: Discussion Questions1079 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion Define plagiarism in your own words. What do you think plagiarism means? Illustrate your discussion with hypothetical examples. Why is plagiarism a serious problem? What is your opinion of the impact of the Internet and all its resources on academic integrity? How can plagiarism be avoided? One definition of plagiarism is that it is theft of intellectual property. Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not? What suggestions would you offer to eliminate both inadvertent and deliberateRead MorePlagiarism : The Wild Blue, The Men And Boys Who Flew The B.  ­ 24828 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is plagiarism? Well Webster dictionary 2015 says, â€Å"the practice of taking someone s else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.† That’s self explanatory on its own but to go more in depth with what plagiarism we should look at the history of what plagiarism is. The word derives from a couple of Latin rootsÍ ¾ plagiarius and plagiare. According to my sources plagiarism is a very ancient art and it is not a recent thing in our recent centuries. â€Å"Shakespeare even stole most of hisRead MorePlagiarism And The Consequences Of Plagiarism1379 Words   |  6 Pages In this paper we will cover plagiarism. We will cover a brief history of plagiarism and look at the different types of plagiarism, as well as compare and contrast the different types. We will also look at who is most prone to plagiarize and why. We will also discuss the role plagiarism plays in academia and the consequences to plagiarizing. Webster’s online Dictionary defines plagiarism as â€Å"to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one s own: use (another s production) withoutRead MoreChanging Views of Plagiarism1270 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Changing Views of Plagiarism One author calls plagiarism the cardinal sin of journalism (Fox) implying that it is the worst possible thing that a reporter can do. This is what is taught in most journalism (Fox) and composition classes, but is that statement still true. More and more students and others are using words that they have mixed (Kulish) with their original musings into a finished original. The sin of plagiarism is getting an updated look now because it has become easier to accomplishRead MorePlagiarism Essay1649 Words   |  7 PagesI think there was far more plagiarism in the last century. It was almost an accepted part of writing. The ethics of writing has changed. Nobody gets upset about whether Shakespeare plagiarized something. But I think the standards have to be pretty high now, particularly for non-fiction writers. [1] Introduction to Plagiarism According to most leading authorities, including The Office of Research Integrity, plagiarism includes both the theft or misrepresentation of intellectual property and theRead MoreAnalysis Of The 17th And 17th Centuries By Ben Jonson1489 Words   |  6 PagesPlagiarism in the 17th and 18th Centuries A line that appears on the cover page of Poetaster: A Comical Satyr, written in 1601 by Ben Jonson (1572–1637), the English dramatist and poet, had appeared earlier in Martial s Book VII, Verse 12, an epigram consisting of 99 verses. We know that Jonson used ideas taken from Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso, 43 BCE–CE 17), Horace, and Seneca and that his name appears in investigations of plagiarism in English literature. According to one source, Jonson inventedRead MoreHow A City Teenager Good1692 Words   |  7 PagesDocument Working System Of Plagiarism Checker Our Plagiarism Checker tool works very smoothly and carefully. First of all it scan your full content and then check it from where it is copied and where the same content is available. If the tools can detect that your text is copied from any other website it simply show you the result. It s really important tool for you if you want to get a better rank of your website. Why You Should Use Our Free Plagiarism Checker Tool? Plagiarism Checker is mainly created

Effects of Divorce on Women in Canada for Symbolic Interactionism

Question: Write about theEffects of Divorce on Women in Canada for Symbolic Interactionism. Answer: According to statistics, four in ten first time marriages in Canada end in divorce (Divorce, 2008). It is important to note that divorce has negative effects on both men and women. However, the effects of divorce among women are more prevalent and severe as compared to their men counterparts. According to the article Women, men, and the economic consequences of divorce: Evidence from Canadian longitudinal data, marriage dissolutions have result in emotional, sociological and economical problems among divorcees, with greater impact among women. From the article, the poverty rate among women divorcees increases significantly from during the year of divorce but later reduces as women seek financial interdependence (Finnie, 1993). In addition, there labour market participation rate falls substantially immedeately after marriage dissolution and increases after a few months (Finnie, 1993). Indeed, these statistics and findings are in line with the concepts suggested in the symbolic interaction theory. According to symbolic theory, the way people understood the role of a husband and wife in the traditional society has changed in the modern society (Crossman, 2018). The symbol of the husband was associated with providing financial stability for the wife. However, with the advent of divorce and modernity, there is a direct correlation between the way society views the role of marriage and the overall health of the family (Symbolic Interactionism, 2017). The roles within marriage and society have changed as women fight to regain financial stability after divorce. References Crossman, A. (2018). Learn About Symbolic Interactionism. ThoughtCo. Retrieved 9 April 2018, from Divorce. (2008). Statistics Canada. Retrieved 9 April 2018, from Finnie, R. (1993). Women, men, and the economic consequences of divorce: Evidence from Canadian longitudinal data. Canadian Review Of Sociology, 30(1), 205-241. Symbolic Interactionism. (2017). University of Twente. Retrieved 9 April 2018, from